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When was Jerry Garcia born?

When was Jerry Garcia born?


What time of day did Jerry Garcia die?

Shortly after 4 a.m. on Wednesday, Aug. 9, a clinic counselor found him unconscious. In his sleep, it seems, he had suffered a fatal heart attack. According to his wife, he died with a smile on his face.

Was Jerry Garcia ever married?

Deborah Koonsm. 1994–1995Manasha Mathesonm. 1990–1993Carolyn Garciam. 1981–1994Sara Ruppenthal Garciam. 1963–1967

Is the baby on Roseanne real baby?

Roseanne’s tiniest character was actually played by a set of twins, Cole Roberts and Morgan Roberts. The adorable character of baby Jerry, whose full name on the beloved series was Jerry Garcia Conner, joined the cast in 1995. “Trying to stick together — that’s what the core of the show is.”

What keyboard did Brent Mydland use?

Re: Brent Tone! Brent’s good tones were mostly standard keyboard sounds. B3 + Leslie speaker is common enough. The other good sound was a “Dyno Rhodes” – you take a real Fender Rhodes keyboard and do a Dyno job to it – it has to do with how you set the pickups and action, etc and was something of an artform in itself.

Why did pigpen leave the Grateful Dead?

By 1971, his health had been affected by alcoholism and liver damage and doctors advised him to stop touring. Following a hiatus, he resumed touring with the group in December 1971 but was forced to retire from touring altogether in June 1972.

What killed Ron McKernan?

8 March 1973

How did ram rod die?

He was a psychedelic cowboy who rode the bus with Ken Kesey and took virtually every step of the long, strange trip with the Grateful Dead. Known to one and all solely as Ramrod, he died yesterday of lung cancer at Petaluma Valley Hospital.

How did pigpen lose weight?

The official cause of death – an internal hemorrhage. His weight had plummeted from 250 to 160 pounds. His body broke down from all the drinking and in the end he was living on sunflower seeds and alcohol.

What shoes did Jerry Garcia wear?

Late lead man Jerry Garcia wore Air Max 90s, but his public appreciation didn’t run deeper. Still, there are parallels between Deadheads and sneakerheads.

When did pigpen lose weight?

A lot is made of Pigpen’s weight loss in the ’70s, but actually ’67/68 is when he really shed the pounds – from being the roly-poly heavyweight in ’66 to an almost dapper figure in ’69… For sure there was no diet involved, either! Perhaps health issues were striking earlier than people were aware.