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What transfer case is in a Jeep YJ?

What transfer case is in a Jeep YJ?

The Jeep NP 231 transfer case was introduced in the 1988 model year. Jeep’s YJ Wrangler and the XJ / MJ Cherokees with the Command Trac option were the first models to feature it. The 231 was initially tagged as the 231AMC, and as ownership of AMC was taken over by Chrysler, it was later designated as the 231J.

How do I identify my GM transfer case?

You will need to note these basic visual identifiers for your transfer case: number of output splines, type of yoke (slip-on or bolt-on), right or left-hand drive, presence of a speedometer drive, type of shift (manual or electric), type and location of switches, number and location of speed sensors, whether it has a …

Are all 246 transfer cases the same?

The 2001 unit would free wheel the front drive just like any other 246, in that respect they’re all the same. As far as the internals go there are 2 chains, 2 different front case halves along with 3 input shaft, also different bearings go with each shaft.

Are all NV4500 transmissions the same?

Dodge 4wd NV4500 transmissions have always maintained the same gear ratios and bolt patterns throughout production; however, variations occur between diesel (and V10) versus gas models. Diesel NV4500 4WD transmissions always have a 29 spine rear output shaft with a 6-1/4″” rear tailhousing.

What years did Chevy use NV4500?

The NV4500 was first released in Chevy / GM trucks from 1992 under GM RPO code MT8 and GM part #12346190. It was introduced into Dodge trucks in 1995. Though it has it roots as the New Process 4500 four-speed beginning as early as 1972 in Dodge trucks, its current incarnation as we know it today is quite different.

How much HP can a NV4500 handle?

Registered. The NV4500 will not hold up to steady towing even if you limit it’s input to less than 300HP. If you limit application of power to everything but 4th it should hold up pretty well. Every other gear is on the countershaft, and the countershaft is the weak link of the transmission.

Which is better NV4500 or NV5600?

The NV5600 is the workhorse trans that has tighter ratios (ending with the same final drive) than the NV4500. The gap between 3rd and 4th in my 4500 is considerable, so towing lots of weight uphill takes forethought on what gear you wanna be in/what point you need to shift, but nothing crazy.

How much horsepower can a NV5600 handle?

a stock nv5600 with a big input will hold over 500 pretty easly but dont excpect to be doing power shifts or drag racing with it, sled pulling it should last at over 500 no problem but shifting uder power im sure it will bust.

How much does it cost to rebuild a NV5600?

The price for a rebuild will depend on the damage. It’s gonna start around $1500 and go up from there. If it’s running good now, just needing Synchro’s, it’s gonna run around $1500 with a bearing kit, and add around $550-650 for shipping.