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What three important factors influenced Southern life?

What three important factors influenced Southern life?

The three important factors that influenced Southern life were the following: the lifestyle of the gentlemen planter, hot and humid climate, and black slaves.

Which northeastern state had the largest white population?

New York

What did many northern people believe about the South that its economic focus should become industrial rather than agricultural that manifest destiny?

Answer Expert Verified. Many northern people believed that “its economic focus should become industrial rather than agricultural,” since many people in the North were opposed to slavery, which was the dominant driving force of the agricultural economy.

Which groups were already in the West?

Which groups were already in the West? What is happening to them? Native Americans were already in the West because were t their homes during the Trail of Tears.

What are some of the reasons these groups are moving West?

One of the main reasons people moved west was for the land. There was lots of land, good soil for farming, and it could be bought at a cheap price. In addition, it was very crowded living on the East Coast. The population of the United States was growing at a very fast rate.

How did the railroad enable migration west?

How did the railroad enable migration west (2 reasons)? Railroads helped transport crops, and they brought goods people used 5. What reason would the United States want a region called the “Badlands”? What Act changed the way that the U.S. government dealt with the land held by Native Americans?

Why was it important to expand the Pacific Railroad?

It instilled national confidence. The transcontinental railroad had a major effect on how Americans perceived their nation, and it became a symbol of America’s growing industrial power and a source of confidence that led them to take on even more ambitious quests.

How the railroad changed the world?

From their start in England in 1830, railroads spread like kudzu across the globe. They unified countries, created great fortunes, enabled the growth of new industries, and thoroughly revolutionized life in every place they ran.

Did the Sioux attack the railroad?

In 1871, a survey party laid out a route for the Northern Pacific Railroad in the unceded lands near the Yellowstone River. A war party of Sioux, Northern Cheyenne, and Arapaho with 400 to 1,000 warriors found the survey party’s camp and attacked.

What group was most affected by the creation of the transcontinental railroad?

Danger Ahead: Building the Transcontinental Railroad The company suffered bloody attacks on its workers by Native Americans–including members of the Sioux, Arapaho and Cheyenne tribes–who were understandably threatened by the progress of the white man and his “iron horse” across their native lands.