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What should be included as part of an informed consent quizlet?

True:informed consent means a decision made by or for a patient after being informed about the proposed procedures, risks, benefits, and alternatives to the proposed treatment. The ability of the patient to understand the risks, benefits, and alternatives to the procedure and make a decision based on that information.

Obtaining informed consent in medicine is process that should include: (1) describing the proposed intervention, (2) emphasizing the patient’s role in decision-making, (3) discussing alternatives to the proposed intervention, (4) discussing the risks of the proposed intervention and (5) eliciting the patient’s …

  • Procedure, explanation to whom, name and relationship of person giving consent.
  • benefits, risks/complications, alternatives.
  • Content of any discussion & who was part of the discussion.
  • How the consent was obtained.
  • Patient’s agreement.

Patient must be fully informed of risks or complications that may occur if the patient does not consent to treatment, procedure or recommendations. To be informed, patients must also understand the information presented. Patients must not be able to make their wishes known.

Generally, you are responsible for: Ensuring that the consent form is signed by the appropriate person—e.g., the patient, the guardian, the agent under a durable attorney for health care. Your only role is as a witness to the person putting his or her signature on the form and dating the form.

Remember, the duty to obtain a patient’s informed consent rests on the physician, not on nursing personnel (6). If the nurses do not do it correctly, the physician is responsible.

Terms in this set (29) -Imaging professionals may be required to witness the signing of a written informed consent form. -The physician is ultimately responsible for the informed consent process.

The nurse is responsible and accountable for the verification of and witnessing that the patient or the legal representative has signed the consent document in their presence and that the patient, or the legal representative, is of legal age and competent to provide consent.

Nurse’s Role in informed consent: Witness the client’s signature on the informed consent form & to ensure that informed consent has been appropriately obtained. -For an invasive procedure or surgery, the client is required to provide written consent.

When increases in the values of one variable are associated with increases in the values of a second variable what type of relationship is present?

Positive correlation is a relationship between two variables in which both variables move in tandem—that is, in the same direction. A positive correlation exists when one variable decreases as the other variable decreases, or one variable increases while the other increases.

What type of correlation which there is no relationship between two variable?

A zero correlation exists when there is no relationship between two variables. For example there is no relationship between the amount of tea drunk and level of intelligence.

What type of correlation is there when variables change in the opposite direction?

A negative correlation is a relationship between two variables that move in opposite directions. In other words, when variable A increases, variable B decreases. A negative correlation is also known as an inverse correlation.

When coefficient of correlation lies between 0.25 and 0.75 it is called?

(b)Moderate Correlation :When Correlation between two series is neither large nor small, it is called Moderate degree of Correlation . In this case value of r lies between±0.25and±0.75. (c)Low Correlation :When the Correlation coefficient between two series is very small, it is called Low degree Correlation.

What is difference between positive correlation and negative correlation?

A positive correlation means that the variables move in the same direction. Put another way, it means that as one variable increases so does the other, and conversely, when one variable decreases so does the other. A negative correlation means that the variables move in opposite directions.

When coefficient of correlation lies between 0.75 and 1 it is called?

Correlation between two variables lies between 0.75 and 1. It is high degree of correlations.

What are some real life examples of positive correlation?

Common Examples of Positive Correlations. The more time you spend running on a treadmill, the more calories you will burn. Taller people have larger shoe sizes and shorter people have smaller shoe sizes. The longer your hair grows, the more shampoo you will need.

Do the two variables have a positive or a negative association?

Two variables have a positive association when the values of one variable tend to increase as the values of the other variable increase. Two variables have a negative association when the values of one variable tend to decrease as the values of the other variable increase.