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What is the plot of milkweed?

What is the plot of milkweed?

Summary. Milkweed is set in Warsaw, Poland, during World War II. The main character, an unnamed boy who acquires multiple names throughout the plot, is introduced to a band of thieves when he meets Uri, a fellow thief who acts as his guardian, and bestows upon him his new name, Misha Pilsudski.

What happens in the end of milkweed?

Happy endings are not something he believes in, and he misses Janina and his family dearly. One day, he goes back to Warsaw and finds out that after he left the ghetto, there had been a huge Jewish uprising. Also, at the end of the chapter, he runs into one of the Nazis he knew in the ghetto, Buffo.

Does Misha die in milkweed?

Near the conclusion of the novel, Uri saves Misha’s life by shooting off Misha’s ear and convincing other Jackboots that he is dead.

What is the first thing the main character remembers in milkweed?

MILKWEED opens in darkness. We hear the voice of an old man. “I am running,” he says. “That’s the first thing I remember.

Why did Buffo hate Misha more than the other children?

Buffo hates Misha the most out of all the children because Misha taunts him and runs away before Buffo can catch him.

Why does Misha think he’s a lucky orphan?

Chapter 17: Why does Misha think he’s a lucky orphan? because he is with the boys and he is not alone. You just studied 12 terms!

Why does Mr Milgrom give Misha an armband?

However, their happiness is short-lived as they’re interrupted by terror outside. Since Misha’s lack of an armband would raise questions, Mr. Milgrom provides one for him, showing that he’s already developing a sense of fatherly protectiveness for the boy.

What was going on inside the homes of the Jews after the Jews left their homes in milkweed?

What was going on inside the homes of the Jews after the Jews left their homes? Most of the Jews were living in the ghetto. Why could the boys no longer blend in with the street crowds? He brings them whatever food he can find.

Where is Misha living at the end of Chapter 17 milkweed?

Inside the ghetto, Misha runs to the Milgroms’ apartment. Janina’s parents aren’t home, since they both have to work jobs outside the ghetto walls.

What are black pearls in milkweed?

Black pearls were coal and they were precious because the coal will give them warmth and warmth was very precious in the cold, harsh winter.

What did Enos mean by finches?

What are finches? people who tell the Jackboots where the Jews are hiding.

What does Misha call the other side of the wall?

Misha takes to calling the city outside of the wall Heaven. Misha begins to feel stifled and constrained by aspects of his identity new identity as Misha Milgrom.

How did Misha help the Milgroms and the orphans to survive?

Smuggling becomes Misha’s key to survival. Misha joins the Milgrom family in the ghetto and undertakes to keep them and the children in the orphanage alive by smuggling food. At last, the day comes when the ghetto walls are taken down and the Jews are herded like cattle onto trains bound for the death camps.

What is Janina’s favorite food?

Milgrom that she wants to go away on the train. In this section of the novel, Misha’s empathy and kindheartedness is thrown in stark contrast to the world around him. Despite not knowing the definition of happiness, Misha desperately tries to find pickled eggs, Janina’s favorite food, in order to make her happy again.

What finally makes Janina happy?

What does Misha try to find to make Janina happy? A pickled egg.

What happened to Janina at the end of milkweed?

Milgrom’s death, Janina becomes despondent, but she regains some of her old spark after Misha goes to great lengths to smuggle an egg for her. When Misha tries to get Janina to run away from the ghetto to avoid the deportations, she throws a fit and refuses to leave.