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What is the moral of the story The Happy Prince?

What is the moral of the story The Happy Prince?

The moral of the story is that we must help the poor and the needy. The prince set an example of this by giving his jewels to the poor. The swallow also proved to be a great example of love and sacrifice.

What is the message given in the lesson the Happy Prince?

The moral lesson of “The Happy Prince” by Oscar Wilde is that the worst aspects of modern society can be overcome by love and charity, which have the unique ability to unite men and make them whole.

What is the main theme of Happy Prince?

One of the story’s main themes is the expression of love through sacrifice. The Happy Prince shows great love for the poor people of the town, and it is this love which motivates him to get the little swallow to remove gold leaf and precious stones from his statue and distribute them to those in desperate poverty.

What are the major themes in the Happy Prince?

The Happy Prince Themes

  • Beauty and Morality. Oscar Wilde was notably committed to aestheticism and the aesthetic movement—associated with the mantra “Art for Art’s sake”—and this theme recurs throughout his literary works.
  • Love and Compassion.
  • Poverty, Inequality, and Greed.
  • Religion.

How does Happy Prince achieve spiritual beauty?

He sacrifices his eyes and beauty just to help them. He gives away his gold covering bit by bit to the poor. Now without his eyes and gold covering, he looks so ugly that he is sent to furnace to melt. He has lost outward beauty, but with sacrifice and love, he has achieved spiritual beauty.

What is the irony in the story The Happy Prince class 9?

The irony in the chapter is that at last after dying of sparrow and rusting of happy prince statue, the mayor order to dump them in the dustbin. The satire part is when sparrow reached under the statue to hide herself, but she get drenched by weeping of prince and she think it might be rain.

How is the title of the story The Happy Prince ironic?

The title mentions a prince that had a happy life and had been a happy person. But after he was put up in that pedestal and could see the whole town from where he stood, he cried at night. It makes the title ironic. It showed the superficiality of the town.

What figures of speech are used in the Happy Prince?

i) Figures of speech:

  • Personification:
  • The writer personified the statue of the happy prince and swallow, as living human beings. They talk with each other like human beings because they feel the misery of the living people which human being is ignoring (e.g. The mayor and the councillors).

What does Reed in Happy Prince symbolize?

In the beginning, all the people who live in the city where the Happy Prince rests on his column admire him for his golden beauty and because they believe he is constantly happy, unlike them. Other non-human things are personified as well. The Reed is an actual, literal reed, a tall plant growing near a river.

What is the climax of the Happy Prince?

The climax occurs when the swallow dies and the heart of the Happy Prince cracks; both of them have given everything they have to help others. Everything that happens after that, including the bickering and decisions of the Councillors and Mayor, can be considered the conclusion of the story.

Why is The Happy Prince an allegory?

The story is an allegory; it is about the usefulness of doing well. Love and sacrifice lead us towards God. The prince is not enjoying life but the statue of a dead prince is coated with diamond, rubies and sapphires. The prince is considered happy because of smile on face.

What did the swallow finally say to the Reed?

‘Shall I love you? ‘ said the Swallow, who liked to come to the point at once, and the Reed made him a low bow. So he flew round and round her, touching the water with his wings, and making silver ripples. This was his courtship, and it lasted all through the summer.

What did the swallow see when he looks?

When the little swallow prepared to go to sleep, three successive drops of water fell upon him. The swallow was surprised to see those drops of water. As soon as he looked up, he saw the eyes of the Happy Prince were filled with tears , tears running down his golden cheeks.

What did the little swallow see when he flew over the river?

So the swallow flew over the great city, and saw the rich making merry in their beautiful houses, while the beggars were sitting at the gates. He flew into dark lanes, and saw the white faces of starving children looking out listlessly at the black streets.

What does the little swallow finally agree to do?

The swallow had a kind heart. When the prince requested him to stay for a day, he agreed. He became ready to carry a ruby to the playwright. He also delivered a sapphire to the poor woman.

Why did swallow die?

The swallow is a bird who needs to migrate to a warm climate in the winter months. The swallow kisses the Prince on the lips and then dies in that moment, having fulfilled his purpose, which causes the lead heart of the Prince to crack in two.

Why does the intruder not kill Gerrard immediately?

Ans: The intruder does not kill Gerrard immediately because he first wants to get all the necessary information from him. Without this information, his plan to disguise and act as Gerrard will not succeed.

How did Prince and Swallow help the poor?

On Happy Prince’s request the swallow carried red ruby from his sword hilt to the poor seamstress who could not afford oranges for her sick son. 2. On Happy Prince’s behest, the swallow plucked an expensive sapphire from one of his eyes and carried it to the struggling playwright to help him financially.

What happens to the swallow in the end?

In the end the swallow dies at the feet of the statue of prince . the statue cracks open the heart which no one had never seen before from was a beautiful moment in which the prince expressed his feelings for the loss of the swallow. it was the most beautiful part of the story.

Why did the swallow cry when the Happy Prince asked him?

Answer: The swallow cried when the Prince asked him to pluck out one of the sapphires because the Prince would go blind. The Prince himself suffered too much so as to help the poor and needy people.