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What is Skeezer in slang?

What is Skeezer in slang?

New Word Suggestion. Slang for a woman with low morals and poor hygiene.

Is Skeezer a word?

(slang, derogatory) A woman of lax morals.

What does wetta mean?

has the following definition + add your definition. light-skinned. light-skinned is used in Slang Spanish. The word weta is used in Slang, Spanish meaning light-skinned.

What is a Skizzer?

Skizzer: A mid 80’s early 90’s thot or Harlet.

What is an old Skeezer?

An older guy how is clever and a little shady.

What is a chicken head slang?

“Chickenhead” is an American English slang term that is typically used in a derogatory manner toward women. The term mocks the motion of the body while performing oral sex on a man, but contains social characteristics and cultural relevance as well, and is frequently heard in popular hip hop music.

What does Wera mean in English?

Wera, or in proper spelling Guera, means blonde soooo CRAZY BLONDE!”

What does Werka mean?

In turn the name means “she who brings victory”. She who brings victory (influenced by the Church Latin phrase “vera icon” (true image) associated with the legend of Saint Veronica who wiped the face of Jesus on the way to Calvary).

What does chickenhead mean in slang?

Why do rappers say chicken?

What do rappers mean by “Chicken head”? The term and slang “Chickenhead” (also spelled Chicken head) is a noun which is used by rappers and in the culture to reference a woman who likes giving head.

What is a chicken in rap terms?

The Meaning of CHICKEN CHICKEN means “Kilogram of cocaine”

What does smoking on the chicken mean?

‘Smoking the chicken’ is slang for inhaling crack cocaine. The head-spinning he is talking about is supporting this meaning.

Does chicken mean child?

Definitions include: affectionate form of address or reference for one’s significant other. Definitions include: a young child.

Why is money called chicken?

Corruption is rampant in the Kenyan government, and corrupt officials in government agencies often refer to illicit kickbacks as “chickens” to avoid anti-corruption and money laundering enforcement.