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What is on the Ecuador coat of arms?

What is on the Ecuador coat of arms?

The coat of arms of Ecuador is made of an oval whose inner upper part includes the sun; on the elliptic [ribbon] are placed the Ram, Taurus, Gemini and Cancer signs of the zodiac, matching the months of March, April, May and June, during which significant historical events occurred.

What does the crest of Ecuador mean?

The design of the Ecuador coat of arms is a shield with a condor – the national bird – sitting on top. The condor represents protection against foreign attack due to its size and reputation in Latin American folklore.

What is the color of Ecuador?

A horizontal tricolor of yellow (double width), blue and red with the National Coat of Arms superimposed at the center. The national flag of Ecuador, which consists of horizontal bands of yellow (double width), blue and red, was first adopted by law in 1835 and later on 26 September 1860.

What does the colors mean on the Ecuador flag?

The symbolism of the colours is the following: the red represents the blood shed by the soldiers and martyrs of the battles of Independence. The blue represents the colour of the ocean and the sky. The yellow symbolizes the abundance and fertility of the harvests and the land.

What is Ecuador’s motto?

Dios, patria y libertad

Why is the Ecuador flag important?

Meaning of the Flag The colors of the Ecuadorian flag hold significant symbolism. The colors are designed to represent the crops and the soil of the nation, the ocean and the blue skies, and the bloodshed that occurred in the nation’s fight for its independence.

What is the animal on the Ecuador flag?

The coat of arms of Ecuador appears on the flag when used abroad or for official purposes, in order to distinguish it from the flag of Colombia. The design includes a condor on an oval shield with snowcapped mountains, a river, a steamship, and a sun.

Why does Colombia and Ecuador have the same flag?

As we will find out, they all look very similar for a reason. Present day Colombia, Ecuador, and Venezuela were all once a part of Gran Colombia, a short-lived South American republic. There ended up being four variations of the Gran Colombian flag created between 1819-1830.

Who has a blue yellow and red flag?

flag of Romania

What is red blue yellow flag?

After gaining independence, the First Republic of Armenia adopted the modern Armenian tricolor. Upon Stepan Malkhasyants’s appearance in the Armenian National Council, the independent Armenian government selected the colors used during the Lusignan period: red, blue and yellow.

What flag is red yellow?

It is a horizontal tricolor of yellow, blue and red. The yellow stripe takes up a half of the flag and the blue and red take up a quarter of the space each….Flag of Colombia.

Use National flag and state ensign
Proportion 2:3
Adopted November 26, 1861
Design A horizontal tricolor of yellow (double-width), blue and red.

Why is the yellow on the Colombian flag bigger?

The yellow represents the gold of our country that for more details was stolen by Spain, blue represents the water of the two seas that bathe our country and red represents the blood of our heroes when they fought for our liberation …

What is the national drink of Colombia?


What does the yellow mean in the Colombian flag?

Like all flags, there are specific meanings behind the colors in the Colombian flag. This flag was created when Colombia gained its independence from Spain in 1810. The yellow symbolizes independence, justice, and freedom. The blue represents loyalty and the two seas that border Colombia.

What is the history of Colombia’s flag?

The victory of “The Liberator,” Simón Bolívar, at the Battle of Boyacá on August 7, 1819, assured the independence of Colombia, and in December of that year Colombia adopted as its national flag the horizontal tricolour of yellow, blue, and red under which Bolívar fought.

What does Colombia’s flag stand for?

The National Flag of Colombia features three horizontal bands of yellow (top, double-width), blue, and red. One version indicates that the yellow symbolizes sovereignty and justice, blue as loyalty and vigilance, and red represents the valor shown and the victory achieved during the battles for independence from Spain.

What flag is yellow blue and white?

Symbols of the Canary Islands 17, pp. 1-15 (text), as follows: The flag of the Canary Islands shall be made of three equal stripes arranged vertically, whose colours shall be, starting from the hoist, white, blue and yellow.

What do the colors of Colombia mean?

Red represents the blood shed by those who fought for the nation’s independence, as well as for the people’s determination and perseverance. Another interpretation is that blue stands for loyalty and vigilance, red represents the victories achieved in battles, and yellow is symbolic of justice and sovereignty.

What country has a red and yellow striped flag?

flag of Republic of Vietnam

What flag is blue on top and yellow on bottom?

flag of Ukraine

Which country has a blue flag with yellow cross?

Flag of Sweden summary

What do the colors of the Ukrainian flag mean?

The current Ukrainian flag consists of two horizontal bands of yellow and blue, the colors represent the wide blue skies and the yellow represents the wheat fields that characterize the country. From a psychological point of view, blue symbolizes calm, whilst yellow symbolizes joy.

What country has a Blue Cross?

of Finland

Why does the Swedish flag have a cross?

The Nordic cross design traditionally represents Christianity. The design and colours of the Swedish flag are believed to have been inspired by the present coat of arms of Sweden of 1442, which is blue divided quarterly by a cross pattée of gold, and modelled on the Danish flag.