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What is an example of piety?

What is an example of piety?

Piety is defined as devotion and reverence to religious practices and God An example of piety is going to church Colleen’s piety led her to make sacrifices that most people would not have made

What do Socrates and euthyphro agree on?

Socrates has Euthyphro agree with him that there must be one form or standard by which everything holy is holy and everything unholy, by contrast with the holy, is unholy That is, all holy deeds must be holy by virtue of some feature or other that all holy deeds share in common

The trial of Socrates (399 BC) was held to determine the philosopher’s guilt of two charges: asebeia (impiety) against the pantheon of Athens, and corruption of the youth of the city-state; the accusers cited two impious acts by Socrates: “failing to acknowledge the gods that the city acknowledges” and “introducing new

What does Socrates mean by claiming he is a gadfly?

A gadfly is a person who interferes with the status quo of a society or community by posing novel, potentially upsetting questions, usually directed at authorities The term is originally associated with the ancient Greek philosopher Socrates, in his defense when on trial for his life

How did Socrates get a bad reputation?

Socrates gained his bad reputation by trying to find someone wiser than he was, and then by trying to show others that they thought themselves wise but were in fact not So he concluded that he could not find anyone wiser than himself because he “understands that his wisdom is worthless” (23b)

How many jurors voted for Socrates to death?

360 jurors

What does Socrates say to those who voted for his death sentence?

Socrates now makes his final address to the jury before being led off to prison He warns those that sentenced him that they will hereafter be blamed for putting a wise man to death If only they had had a little patience, he suggests, he would have died without their help; after all, he already an old man of seventy

What are Socrates arguments in his own defense?

Socrates argues that he is innocent of both charges His defense is ultimately unsuccessful, and he is convicted and sentenced to death Socrates concludes the Apology by arguing that a just man should have no fear of death

Who does Socrates blame for being on trial?