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What happened to Amira EastEnders?

What happened to Amira EastEnders?

Kalidas quit the show in January 2010 to concentrate on a career in music, filming her final scenes in March 2010. Her final episode was broadcast on 26 April 2010, after Amira discovered that her husband was gay and had been having an affair with Christian Clarke (John Partridge).

Who played Amiras father in EastEnders?

Qadim Shah made his first appearance 17 December 2009. He is portrayed by Ramon Tikaram.

What was Masood’s son called in EastEnders?

Early storylines for the character include bankruptcy and struggling to accept his son’s, Syed Masood (Marc Elliott), homosexuality.

Did Syed in EastEnders die?

In September 2012, it was announced that Elliott would be leaving EastEnders alongside John Partridge. He departed on 15 November 2012….

Syed Masood
Last appearance Episode 4532 15 November 2012
Introduced by Diederick Santer
Classification Former; regular

What does Syed mean in Islam?

noble one

Can a Syed guy marry a non-Syed girl?

Since childhood, I’ve been told that this is a blessing as we are the direct descendants of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Therefore, all Syed girls had a status equivalent to that of mothers of Ummah. Thus, it was forbidden for us to even consider marrying a non-Syed man.

Can a non-Syed girl marry a Syed boy?

In short, everybody is EQUAL. Yes, without a doubt. I am guessing the reason behind this question is the fact that Syeds’ are said to be superior, so they do not marry anybody except a Syed.

Is Mutah Haram?

The mut’ah is practised by Shia Muslims while Sunni Muslims generally consider it haram – forbidden. The mut’ah is particularly popular on university campuses and, according to Omar Farooq Khan, president of the Ahlul Bayt Islamic Society at Bradford University, the practice is on the increase among Shia students.

What was the religion in Pakistan before Islam?

Though a dominant faith in parts of Pakistan before the arrival of Islam beginning in the 8th century, Hinduism is presently adhered to by 2.5 million people in Pakistan, comprising about 1.85% of the country’s population according to the 1998 census.

Who found Pakistan?

Muhammad Ali Jinnah

Was Pakistan ever a part of India?

The partition was outlined in the Indian Independence Act 1947 and resulted in the dissolution of the British Raj, i.e. Crown rule in India. The two self-governing independent Dominions of India and Pakistan legally came into existence at midnight on 15 August 1947.

Who divided India and Pakistan name?

In order to determine exactly which territories to assign to each country, in June 1947, Britain appointed Sir Cyril Radcliffe to chair two boundary commissions—one for Bengal and one for Punjab.

Are Pakistani allowed in India?

Pakistan Nationals can visit maximum 5 places in India on Visit Visa and the same can be requested on their visa application form. For Business visa applicants can visit more than 5 places. Attested Sponsor ship certificate is required only for Visit visa. Pakistan Nationals Entry & Exit point should be same.