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What does Kara mean in Latin?

What does Kara mean in Latin?

adjective. Definitions: costly, precious, valued. dear, beloved.

What does the name Kara mean in the Bible?

In the Bible it means “to call” or “to proclaim”.

What does Cara mean in Greek?

Answer. Cara in Greek is . The meaning of is Friend.

What does Kara stand for?

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What does Kara mean in different languages?

Kara Name Meaning It has same or different meanings in other countries and languages. The different meanings of the name Kara are: Gaelic Meaning: Friend, Sweet Melody. Italian Meaning: Beloved. Turkish Meaning: Black.

What does Kara mean in Sanskrit?

Masculine. Singular. śiphākandaḥ the root of a lotus.

What nationality is the last name Kara?

Indian (Gujarat): Hindu (Bhatia) name of unknown meaning. Polish: nickname from karac ‘to punish’. Czech, Slovak, and Hungarian: from a pet form of a personal name: Czech Karel, Slovak Karol, Hungarian Károly, vernacular forms of Carolus (see Charles).

Is Kara a female name?

Kara as a girl’s name is a variant of the Latin name Cara meaning “beloved”. The diminutive form Karina is popular in Russia.

What does the name Kara mean in Hebrew?

As a preposition, KARA in Japanese means “from”. One meaning of KARA in Hebrew is “happened.” With a Qoph instead of a Kaph for the K-sound, KARA in Hebrew means “(he) called” or “(he) read”. In Hebrew, ASA means “(he) made” or “(he) diď.

Is Kara a Polish name?

Polish : nickname from karać ‘to punish’. Czech, Slovak, and Hungarian : from a pet form of a personal name: CzechKarel, Slovak Karol, Hungarian Károly, vernacular forms ofCarolus (see Charles).

What is a good nickname for Kara?

Nicknames, cool fonts, symbols and tags for Kara – Kare-Bear, Karamel, KayKay, Kaz, Karebear, Karaboo.

Is Kara a French name?

Explanation: Kara can also be a pet name for Karina or Carina. Karina in French would be “Carine”. So, if you really want to translate it in French, you could say Cara or Carine…

Is Kara a common name?

The name has been in use since the 19th century but did not become commonplace until the 1950s, at which time the alternate spelling of Kara was adopted. Kara is still most popular among English-speaking nations and ranks the highest in the countries of Scotland and Northern Ireland.

Is the name Kara rare?

Records indicate that 94,296 girls in the United States have been named Kara since 1880. The greatest number of people were given this name in 1991, when 3,279 people in the U.S. were given the name Kara.

Is Kara a unisex name?

First name Kara Usage: Kara, of scottish-gaelic origin, is a very popular first name. It is more often used as a unisex (male and female) name.

Is Kara short for something?

Kara means: A short form of Karen.

Is the name Kara gender neutral?

Kara is baby unisex name mainly popular in Christian religion and its main origin is Gaelic. Kara name meanings is One who is pure / dearly loved / a good friend.