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Was Selena Gomez supposed to be in Camp Rock?

Was Selena Gomez supposed to be in Camp Rock?

Selena Gomez Selena turned down a role in High School Musical 3 and the role of Mitchie in Camp Rock. When she was offered Mitchie’s role in Camp Rock, she felt that she was’t ready to make that move. in her career.

How old is Mitchie in Camp Rock?

Although Mitchie is roughly fourteen in the first film, Demi was seventeen at the time of the shooting. According to the song “Brand New Day”, it’s been a year so that means Mitchie is a bit older in Camp Rock 2 along with the other campers.

Are they Brothers in Camp Rock?

Camp Rock is a 2008 Disney Channel Original Movie starring the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato. The music is written by Julie Brown, Paul Brown, Regina Hicks and Karen Gist. The film is directed by Matthew Diamond and produced by Alan Sacks. In 2010 a sequal was released, Camp Rock 2: The Final Jam.

Are Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas still friends?

Well, it appears that those days are long gone because the two sadly aren’t BFFs anymore. During a recent interview, Lovato revealed that she and all three of the Jonas Brothers are no longer in touch.

Is Demi Lovato dating Noah Cyrus?

Demi Lovato and Noah Cyrus Share a “Creative and Spiritual Bond,” But Aren’t Exclusively Dating.

What song did Taylor Swift wrote about Nick Jonas?

Taylor Swift released her second “from the vault” song on Wednesday, titled “Mr. Perfectly Fine.” The cheeky breakup track was written around the time she split from Joe Jonas in 2008. Fans are sharing jokes about Jonas being “attacked” and his lasting impact on Swift’s songwriting.

Are Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris still friends?

Calvin Harris is one of Taylor Swift’s exes The pair dated for a little over a year, from 2015-2016. Fans thought it was the real deal — they attended award shows together, she thanked him on stage, and they even collaborated. But the song in question, “This Is What You Came For,” became part of the breakup.