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Was a plebiscite held in Kashmir?

Was a plebiscite held in Kashmir?

The All Jammu and Kashmir Plebiscite Front, or Plebiscite Front, was a political party in the Indian state of Jammu and Kashmir that called for a “popular plebiscite” to decide if the state should remain part of India, join Pakistan or become independent.

When was plebiscite held in Kashmir?

United Nations Security Council Resolution 47

UN Security Council 47
Date 21 April 1948
Meeting no. 286
Code S/726 (Document)
Subject The India–Pakistan Question

Has there ever been a referendum in Kashmir?

In a broadcast on 2 November 1947, Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru announced that the fate of Kashmir would ultimately be decided by the people, once law and order was established, through a referendum “held under international auspices like the United Nations.” A similar pledge was made by the Government of India when …

Who was the president of All Jammu and Kashmir Plebiscite Front?

Azad Kashmir Plebiscite Front

Plebiscite Front Mahaz-i-Raishumari
Leader Amanullah Khan
President Abdul Khaliq Ansari
Founded April 1965
Succeeded by Jammu and Kashmir Liberation Front

Does Pakistan favor a plebiscite?

The fact of the matter is that Pakistan never wanted a plebiscite. In spite of a plethora of statements of its leaders to the contrary, acceptance of plebiscite by its government was insincere. All available evidence goes to show that it did everything in its power to prevent a plebiscite from being held.

Who took the JK matter to UN?

India took this matter to the UN Security Council, which passed resolution 39 (1948) and established the United Nations Commission for India and Pakistan (UNCIP) to investigate the issues and mediate between the two countries.

Is Pakistan in the UN?

Pakistan at the United Nations. Pakistan joined the United Nations on September 30, 1947, just over a month after its independence. Pakistan is committed to a world in which upholding human dignity is the highest value and maintaining global peace a sacred duty.

Who gave Chenab formula?

Muhammad Abdul Qayyum Khan – Wikipedia.

When did India go to UN?

India and the United Nations

United Nations membership
Represented by British Raj (1945–1947) Dominion of India (1947–1950) Republic of India (1950–present)
Membership Full member
Since 30 October 1945
UNSC seat Non-permanent

Who is the Indian member of UNO?

T. S. Tirumurti

Which countries do not belong to the United Nations?

Countries Not in the United Nations The two countries that are not UN members are Vatican City (Holy See) and Palestine. Both are considered non-member states of the United Nations, allow them to participate as permanent observers of the General Assembly, and are provided access to UN documents.