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How much is a US dollar in Ecuador?

How much is a US dollar in Ecuador?

US dollars to Ecuadorian sucres conversion table

amount convert Result
1 USD USD 24 470.20 ECS
2 USD USD 48 940.40 ECS
3 USD USD 73 410.59 ECS
4 USD USD 97 880.79 ECS

Is Ecuador a good place to retire?

Is Ecuador a safe place to retire? Ecuador is a very safe place to retire. Expats living in Ecuador feel less stress and more relaxed than when they lived in the U.S. In general Ecuador is a very safe place although some expats do recommend taking more care when visiting the capital Quito.

What is Ecuador’s government like?

Unitary state

What is the largest sector of Ecuador’s economy?

In the past, Ecuador’s economy depended largely on primary industries like agriculture, petroleum, and aquaculture….Economy of Ecuador.

GDP per capita $6,368 (nominal, 2018) $11,760 (PPP, 2018)
GDP by sector Agriculture: 6.7% Industry: 32.9% Services: 60.4% (2017 est.)

What is the most visited place in Ecuador?

10 Top-Rated Tourist Attractions in Ecuador

  1. The Galápagos Islands. Bartolome Island, Galápagos.
  2. Quito: Ecuador’s Historic Andean Capital. Quito: Ecuador’s Historic Andean Capital.
  3. Cuenca.
  4. Cotopaxi and Cajas National Parks.
  5. The Boardwalk of Guayaquil.
  6. Nariz del Diablo: The Devil’s Nose.
  7. The Hot Springs of Baños.
  8. Otavalo Market.

Is Ecuador cheap to travel?

Backpacking Ecuador Suggested Budgets Galapagos aside, Ecuador is very cheap. You can travel comfortably on a budget of $30-40 USD per day if you’re staying in hostel dorms, eating at food stalls, cooking some of your meals, limiting your drinking, and using local transportation to get around.