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How many shows has Ed Sheeran done?

How many shows has Ed Sheeran done?

Comprising 260 shows, it officially began on 16 March 2017, in Turin, Italy and ended on 26 August 2019, in Ipswich, England….÷ Tour.

Legs 14
No. of shows 258
Attendance 8,787,000
Box office $776,200,000
Ed Sheeran concert chronology

How much did Ed Sheeran make in 2020?

According to The Sun, documents filed by Ed’s company Nathan Cable Touring reveal a £70 million turnover and profits of £37 million, equalling around £200,000 a day to the year ending 31 March 2020.

How many tickets did Ed Sheeran sell in 2019?

8.9 million tickets

Is Ed Sheeran doing another tour?

The ‘Shape of You’ hit-maker hasn’t released solo music in four years and hasn’t toured since 2019. He marked the end of his wildly successful two-year Divide Tour by played his final show in his hometown of Ipswich.

How much did Ed Sheeran make on tour?

Ed Sheeran reportedly paid himself a staggering £73.4million this year in earnings from his hugely successful Divide world tour, the equivalent of £201,000 a day. The singer, 28, is one of the most successful musicians on the planet and his big payday is thanks to the tour grossing $776million (£596million) worldwide.

What will Ed Sheeran’s next album be called?

Sticking with his mathematic symbols theme of album names, Ed’s 2021 album title is believed to be called ‘Minus’, ‘Subtract’, or ‘-‘. He’s yet to confirm the title, but when he announced he’s the new sponsor of Ipswich Town Football Club, each of his album logos appeared alongside the minus symbol.

What album is one life by Ed Sheeran on?


How long is divide Ed Sheeran?

Track listing

No. Title Length
10. “What Do I Know?” 3:57
11. “How Would You Feel (Paean)” 4:40
12. “Supermarket Flowers” 3:41
Total length: 46:14

Who was the most streamed artist on Spotify in 2020?

Bad Bunny