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How many jobs does the government provide?

How many jobs does the government provide?

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State Employment Percent of total employment
California 149,086 8.14%
Virginia 143,088 7.8
District of Columbia 142,456 7.8
Texas 130,685 7.1

How many total jobs are there in the US?

Employment in the United States from 2012 to 2022 (in millions)

Characteristic Employment in millions
2020 147.79
2019 157.54
2018 155.76
2017 153.34

How many types of jobs are there?

There Are 10 Basic Types of jobs.

How can the government create more employment?

(ii) Providing cheap credit facilities and crop insurance can result in more employment. (iii) More money should be spent in transport and storage, because then more people can be employed. (iv) The government/banks can provide loan at cheap rates to improve irrigational facilities.

How do you improve employment?

The four strategies are: (1) Industrialisation-Led Strategy, (2) Wages-Goods Strategy, (3) Employment Strategy of Using Labour-Intensive Technology, and (4) Strategy of Direct Attack on Unemployment.

How can the government increase employment in rural areas?

The government can take up many measures such as construction of new dams, canals, roads, etc., where a large number of people can be provided employment in rural areas. Trading facilities and loans at cheaper rates can also improve employment scenario in the country.

How can problem of underemployment be reduced by the government in rural areas?

Answer: Government should encourage and develop the agriculture based industries in rural areas so that the rural candidates don’t migrate to the urban areas. More employment should be generated in rural areas for the seasonal unemployment people.

What is the new name of Nrega?

Mahatma Gandhi Employment Guarantee Act 2005

How can more opportunities be created in semi rural areas?

The government can spend some money or banks can provide a loan,To construct wells for irrigation. . Dams can be constructed along with canals, which will lead to a lot of employment generation. Identify, promote and locate industries and services in semi-rural areas where a large number of people may be employed.

What are the ways in which employment can be created in semi rural areas and urban Centres?


  • Government can invest money in providing facilities like irrigation, canals, wells, dams to poor farmers.
  • Banks can give loans to build dams and wells to farmers who are only dependent upon rain.

How can we create more jobs in rural areas GD topic?

Raising farmers’ income is very important to boost the agricultural sector. For that, Minimum Support Price should be increased. Taking steps to boost Agri exports can also create number of jobs. Encouraging non-farming activities, such as dairy farming, fisheries etc.

How can we create more employment opportunities in urban areas explain with examples?

The various ways for generating employment opportunities in urban areas are as follows:

  1. More Industries should be set up to provide large scale employment to the people.
  2. Education system should be made job oriented.
  3. Tourism as a industry should be promoted.
  4. Healthcare sector can create large employment in Urban areas.

How do you get a job in urban areas?

transportation, so that more people can be employed to work in the transportation industry. (iii) Increase vocational education courses, so that people educated for a vacation get jobs easily. (iv) Give incentives for industry in urban areas to increase their capacity.

How can we increase employment in urban areas?

Urban unemployment can be increased in the following ways.

  1. Reform of the educational system to make it vocational at the school stage.
  2. Concrete action will have to be taken to promote decentralisation and dispersal of industrial activity.
  3. Promotion of small-scale industries and encouragement to self-employment by banks.

How can cities improve employment?

Ways to increase employment opportunities : Education system should be made employment- oriented. Vocational training should be merged in mainstream education pattern. (iv) Small-scale industries should be encouraged. Regional craft industries and services should be promoted.

How can a city improve its economy?

How to Improve Economic Growth in Cities

  1. Choose an Area to Target. A plan for growth should include taking stock of cities’ strengths, and areas that need improvement.
  2. Embrace the Future. Another essential element is to keep the future in mind.
  3. Get Everyone Involved.

WHO calculates Ni of India?

In India the Central Statistics Office of the Ministry of Statistics and Programme Implementation have been measuring National Income and other related macroeconomic aggregates. 3.2.