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How do I download PDF file from Gmail?

How do I download PDF file from Gmail?

  1. Open the email you wish to convert to PDF. Find and click the Print icon.
  2. Change the “Destination” of the document from the dialogue menu.
  3. Select “Save as PDF” from the destination menu.
  4. Your computer file directories are now visible in the “Save As” dialogue box.

Why can’t I send PDF files on Gmail?

Go to Settings in the Gmail window, then scroll down to Attachments, and choose the Basic attachment functions instead of the Advanced attachment features. Hope it works for you. Close them both, open the gmail account you wish to send the attachment with and only that account, and it should up load fine.

Why can’t I download PDF files from my email?

The problem may be that Adobe Acrobat Reader isn’t your default program for opening PDF files. Right-click the . pdf file in the email, select “Save as,” then save it to your hard drive. pdf files with the Adobe Reader in the future.

Why is my email not downloading attachments?

The antivirus or firewall protection installed on your computer or device may be blocking your ability to download email attachments. Temporarily disable the antivirus or firewall. After downloading an email attachment, add an exception to the antivirus or firewall program. Re-enable the antivirus or firewall.

Why attachments are not downloading in Gmail?

I can’t download attachments to my phone – Gmail Community. Try clearing Gmail app cache and data. You may find this option in settings –> Apps –> Gmail. Hope it works!

Why can’t I open my email attachments?

One of the most common reasons why you can’t open an e-mail attachment is because your computer doesn’t have the necessary program installed to recognize the file format. If you are going to be working with this file format often, install a program or viewer on the computer that supports the file format.

How do I open a PDF in Gmail on Android?

1 Opening Attachments in GMail

  1. Select a message with an attachment, then select the file shown in the message itself.
  2. The attachment will open automatically using the preview app, or another you may have on your Android device for that specific file type.

How do I save a document in Gmail?

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Log in to Gmail.
  2. Click the gear-shaped icon near the top right, then select Settings.
  3. Click the Labs tab near the top center.
  4. Scroll down and click Enable next to Create a Document.
  5. Scroll to the top or bottom and click the button labeled Save Changes.

How do I move an email attachment to a document?

To save the attachments, follow these general steps:

  1. Select the message or open the message in its own window. Double-click a message in the Inbox to open it in its own window.
  2. Choose File→Save Attachments from the menu.
  3. Use the dialog box to find a location for the file.
  4. Click the Save button to save the attachment.

How do I upload a file from Gmail to Google Drive?

Upload files & folders

  1. On your computer, go to
  2. At the top left, click New. File Upload or Folder Upload.
  3. Choose the file or folder you want to upload.

How do you save pictures and videos from Gmail?

Open the email containing the image you want to save. Right-click the image and select “Save Image As” from the menu. Select the destination location on your hard drive where you would like to save the image. Click “Save” to download the image from Gmail to your computer’s hard drive.

How do I download pictures from Gmail?

Save Image Sent as an Attachment

  1. Open the email that contains the attached image you want to save.
  2. Hover your mouse over the attached picture to reveal the picture’s name, its format and the download options.
  3. Click “Download” to save the picture to your browser’s default folder for downloads.

How do I save files to Google Drive?

Drag files into Google Drive

  1. On your computer, go to
  2. Open or create a folder.
  3. To upload files and folders, drag them into the Google Drive folder.

How do I upload files to someone else’s Google Drive?

Share with specific people

  1. Select the file you want to share.
  2. Click Share or Share .
  3. Under “Share with people and groups,” enter the email address you want to share with.
  4. To change what people can do to your doc, on the right, click the Down arrow.
  5. Choose to notify people.
  6. Click Share or Send.

How do I upload files to Google Drive without signing in?

With EZ File Drop, anyone can upload files to your Google Drive without the need to create an account, sign in, or even download an app or stress about file sharing permissions.

How do I use Google Drive as a beginner?

How to use Google Drive

  1. Get started with Google Drive. You get 15 GB of space in your Drive for free.
  2. Step 1: Go to On your computer, go to
  3. Step 2: Upload or create files. You can upload files from your computer or create files in Google Drive.
  4. Step 3: Share and organize files.