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How did John Lennon influence people?

How did John Lennon influence people?

John Lennon is an inspiration to others because he devoted his entire life to making the world a better place. Lennon is a hero because he did many things for the music industry, people, and politics. He changed the world of music and he changed how many people look at wars, religions, love and etc.

What were the thoughts presented by John Lennon through imagine?

Lennon’s basic theme in “Imagine” is that of the world moving beyond the old conflicts, divisions, and beliefs to a new realm in which mankind’s potential goodness can be achieved. It is a kind of utopia compressed into the format of a popular song. And no religion too.

What is Lennon’s vision of peace in the song Imagine?

Explanation:Lennon’s vision of peace in his song entitled Imagine is the absence of the idea of heaven and hell, the idea of possessions and the existence of countries. For example, if nobody believe on hell and heaven, then nobody will have misunderstandings.

What is your vision of peace?

Answer Expert Verified My vision of peace is that freedom from or cessation of war or violence. By means of that, we see our peace in our country.

Is your vision of peace the same with the author why?

it is the same as the author explain. For me, peace is synonymous with peace as defined throughout history by the famous proponents of peace, and peace is not a mere absence, but the existence of social justice – employment, education , social services and human rights. …

What is your wish for 2021?

For 2021 I wish that everyone takes into account what 2020 taught us and continue to be appreciative of what we have in eachother as family, neighbours and friends. In 2021 I wish we continue to be kind to one another. Peace and health to all human beings. For the world and myself, peace and love.

What is your greatest wish?

My greatest wish is world peace. This may sound like a cliché but a peaceful world is what I really want for myself and for others. I wish they behave with good judgment, better actions and sound morals. I wish the people of the world stop to take a moment to look in the mirror.